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*Prerequisite   **Prerequisite or Corequisite

Semester 1
CS111x or ENGRI 1xxx
MATH 1910
CHEM 2070 or CHEM 2090a
First-Year Writing Seminarc
BEE 1050h

Semester 2
CS111x or ENGRI 1xxx
MATH 1920 (*MATH 1910)
PHYS 1112 (*MATH 1910)
First-Year Writing Seminarc

Semester 3
BEE/ENGRD 2510 (**MATH 2930)
MATH 2930 (*MATH 1920)
PHYS 2213 (*PHYS 1112)
ENGRD 2020b (*PHYS 1112)
Intro BIOd

Semester 4
BEE 2200 or ENGRD 3200 or ENGRD 2210 (*MATH 2930)
MATH 2940 (*MATH 1920, ** BEE 2200 or ENGRD 3200 or ENGRD 2210)
CHEM 1570 or CHEM 3570 or CHEM 3530
ENGRD 3200d,f (*CS 111x and MATH 2930, ** MATH 2940)
CEE 3510 (*MATH 2930 and BEE/ENGRD 2510)
Liberal Studies

Semester 5
CEE 3040e
ENGRD xxxxb
CEE 4510f (*CHEM 1570 or CHEM 3570 or CHEM 3530)
CEE 3310 (*MATH 2930 and ENGRD 2020)
Liberal Studies

Semester 6
Design Electiveg
Major-Approved Electiveg
CEE 3230 or BEE 4890
Earth Scienceg
Liberal Studies

Semester 7
Design Electiveg
Advisor Approved Elective
BEE 4750
Lab Courseg
Liberal Studies

Semester 8
Capstone Design Electiveg
Advisor Approved Elective
Major Approved Electiveg
Liberal Studies
Liberal Studies


a. Engineering matriculates must enroll in CHEM 2090 (fall, spring); CALS matriculates must enroll in CHEM 2070 (fall).Students in either college may also substitute CHEM 2150 for CHEM 2090 or CHEM 2070.

b. ENGRD 2020 is required by the major.It is recommended that students take ENGRD 2020 as their second engineering distribution.Students who do so have the flexibility to take any other ENGRD or a 3000 level or higher engineering course (that is not cross-listed as a liberal studies) to fulfill the required credit minimum in the major.

c. In addition to the first-year writing seminars, an engineering communications course must be taken as an engineering distribution, liberal studies, approved elective or major course. An approved COMM or ENGRC course, or BEE 4730, will satisfy this requirement. Students meeting the technical communications requirement with a course that fulfills another requirement (e.g. Liberal Studies, Lab, Design) can use that one course to satisfy both requirements.

d. Choose one of the following biology courses: BIOEE/BIOSM 1610, BIOMG 1350, BIOEE/BIOSM 1780, BIOG 1440, BIOG 1445.Complete before semester 5. If you received a 4 on AP BIO, you will receive 4 credits of intro bio. If you received a 5 on AP BIO, you will receive 8 credits of intro bio and 4 credits will satisfy the intro bio requirement.

e. ENGRD 2700: Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics is accepted (by petition) to substitute for CEE 3040 if taken prior to affiliation with Environmental Engineering, or if necessary because of scheduling conflicts caused by co-op or study abroad programs.A supplemental learning style exercise is required before petition is approved.

f. Students may take BIOMI 2900 General Microbiology Lectures, in place of CEE 4510.

g. The lists of suggested courses are published in the Undergraduate Handbook for Environmental Engineering.At least one design elective must be chosen from the list of Capstone design courses.

h. Students in CALS are required to take BEE 1050 in the Fall of their freshman year.