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November 2019

The CEE and BEE faculty has been working on new course offerings to meet expressed student interests and to reflect the capabilities of new faculty. Moreover, several faculty have retired and their courses have been discontinued in some cases.

There are two new environmental processes courses offered this spring, for the first time,
            CEE 4590 Water Treatment Capstone (TR 11:40-12:55) and
            CEE 6585 Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling (TR 10:10-11:25).  

We are trying to build up course offerings in sustainable and renewable energy systems, and there are two courses new to CEE this spring: 
            CEE 4210 Renewable Energy Systems (formerly BEE 4010, TR 8:40—9:55)  and 
            CEE 6055  Energy Demand Analysis (F 1:25-4:25).  Note CEE 6055 is a general special topics number. 

We also want to congratulate Nadine Porter on her new position as Associate Director in the Diversity Programs in Engineering, starting November 18th. Good doing!

Please let us know of any critical course-time conflicts, or other problems.

Jery Stedinger and Scott Steinschneider  and

Course Updates for Spring 2020

Courses Not Offered Spring 2020
CEE  4650 Transportation Energy and the Environment

*New Courses for Spring 2020
*CEE 4210 Renewable Energy Systems (formerly BEE 4010) (design course) TR 8:40-9:55
*CEE 4330 Flow in Porous Media and Groundwater (major approved elective) TR 2:55-4:10
CEE 4590 Water Treatment Capstone (capstone design)  TR 11:40-12:55
*CEE 6585 Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling (major approved elective) TR 10:10-11:25
*These courses are not on the roster yet, you may not be able to add till add/drop in January.