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Theresa Chu

Theresa Chu, EnvE'16, has been an integral part of the AguaClara Project Team since 2013.  She has worked on the small scale plant model and the stacked rapid sand filter theory, and is currently a Team Leader, organizing and training a team of 60 students to optimize electricity-free drinking water treatment methods.  She is also a researcher in the Aristilde Lab, preparing chemical solutions to analyze degradation of pharmaceuticals using LC/MS and GC/MS.  She worked as an admin assistant fo tthe Engineering Learning Initiatives program, and as a course builder for Sustainability of Appledore Island.  Theresa was a TA for BEE2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society, worked as a Sub-team Leader for the Engineering Career Fair, and was Master Liaison/Mentor/Socials Chair for the Society of Women Engineers.  She won the Vernon D. Lucy III Scholarship from the American Water Works Association in 2015, and the Mid-Hudson Section Scholarship from SWE is 2014.  She will be finishing up her Masters in Engineering in Enviroment and Water Systems Engineering at Cornell this fall. [EnvE-BEE, CALS]

Meghan Furton

Meghan Furton, EnvE'16, spent a semester abroad at the Nilgiris Field Learning Center in India.  She was also a member of Aquaclara, and is involved in the water polo club.  See much more about her Cornell experience in her College of Engineering profile.

Stephen Galdi

Stephen Galdi, EnvE'16, is the recipient of the 2016 CALS Academic Excellence Award for Environmental Engineering, and is a 2016 Merrill Scholar.  He is a researcher in the Aristilde Lab, working with simulated molecular dynamics of organic substrates in clay nano-pores.  He has spent his summers with the NYC Dept. of Design and Construction and the Parks Department.  He has been a TA for BEE 2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society and Environmental Quality Engineering where he critiqued environemntal case studies and models on topics from eutrophication to groundwater, and taught on wastewater standards, unit processes, transport, and modeling.  He participated in the AguaClara Project, the Engineering Caree Fair (Financial Chair, Corporate Sub-team Lead), and the Cornell Chapter of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers (Co-President, Secretary, Treasurer in subsequent years).  [EnvE-BEE, CALS]

Michelle Gostic

Michelle Gostic, EnvE'15, has worked with Brookhaven National Laboratory analyzing atmospheric data to improve how global climate models describe marine boundary layer clouds, and also led a student team studying contaminant dispersion in New York City.  With Cornell's AguaClara Sustainable Water Treatment team she has designed and experimented with the effectiveness and durability of a portable foam filtration system.  Her study abroad experiences was with the Technical School of Engineers of Roads, Canals and Ports, University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain.  She has worked and volunteered with Cornell Outdoor Education, on backpacking, paddling, biking, climbing orientation trips, and taught a tree-climbing PE class.  Michelle is interested in a career focused in water resources or watershed management. [EnvE, BEE-CALS]

Mary John

Mary John, EnvE'15, has worked as a research intern for ARCADIS, the Millennium Water Alliance, the NYS Water Resource Institute  and the Cornell AquaClara Project.  She has assisted with projects involving sewer rehabilitation and water infrastructure in NYS and Washington, D.C., as well as managing water, sanitation, and hygiene reports from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Latin America.  She has worked as the treasurer for Kappa Kappa Gamma, and was a student manager for Campus Information & Visitor Relations, giving campus tours and manning the phones.  She will work full-time as an environmental consultant after graduation.  [EnvE, BEE-CALS]

Ethan Keller

Ethan Keller, EnvE'15, has received a 2015 CALS Academic Excellence Award, a Lester B. Knight Scholarship, a Kessler Fellowship, and an Engineering Learning Initiatives grant.  He has worked with AguaClara LLC, advising innovation design teams, and, as part of his Kessler Fellowship, spent a summer with the group co-designing a water filter system working with partners in Honduras.  He is a steering committee member and farm manager for the Dilmun Hill student-run farm, and works as a farm hand at the Earthworks Farm, a 300-acre beef-cattle farm, in Seneca Falls, NY.  He has held positions with the CU Sustainable Design team (Exec Board Member), the Cornell Bike Collective (President), Sustainable Development in Lansing, NY (Lead TA), Sustainable Neighborhoods Nicaragua (Team Leader), Prospect of Whitby (Head Chef and House Manager, and the Cornell Mushroom Club (President).  He is a member of the Quill and Dagger Senior Honor Society. He is an early-admit MEng student in Computer Science at Cornell.  [EnvE, CALS]
Michelle DiBenedetto, EnvE'14
Michelle DiBenedetto, Enve'14, received an honorable mention from NSF for her grad research fellowship proposal, on modeling forest-canopy atmospheric chemistry and processes using Fortran and MATLAB.  She worked on the same research in an NSF-funded REU at the Washington State University Laboratory for Atmospheric Research.  Here at Cornell she TA'd for CEE 3310 Fluid Mechanics, tutored in calculus, and did research with BEE Professor Peter Hess towards creating a complete box model of fixed nitrogen in the biosphere.  She volunteered at BJM Elementary School to improve the nutritional value of its snack program, winning a Cornell COmmunity Partnership Board grant to support her work.  She has been an Engineering Ambassador for her entire time here, and has been on the Dean's List every semester.  After graduation she will go to Stanford University for a PhD [EnvE, Minor: Climate Change, CoE]

Walker Grimshaw

BE and EnvE'14
Walker Grimshaw is a double major in BE and EnvE, with minors in Math, Biology and Global Health.  He designed a Tippy Tap with the Ghana Sustainable Aid Project, volunteered for local medical clinics with Child Family Health (Ecuador) and the foam filtration AguaClara team at Cornell.  He was the NGO contact for Engineers Without Borders and worked for Take Back The Tap, promoting the use of reusable water bottles on campus, and was treasureer.  He is also involved with IBE, Cornell Health International, Cornell Global Health Council and KyotoNOW!  [BE-EnvE, Minors: Math, Biology, Global Health, BEE-CoE]
Kristina Johnson, EnvE’14, is majoring in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Design and Environmental Analysis. She was a recipient of the John W. Layer Memorial Award two years in a row and as a result has attended multiple sustainability conferences. Kristina worked in the Soil and Water lab, examining the effect of chemicals in pesticides and how it can be mitigated by the application of biochar to soil. She was a member of the Cornell University Sustainable Design team and worked on the geothermal system that will ultimately be used by the Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island. Kristina is also an active member of her sorority and plays on the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team. [EnvE, Minor: Design and Environmental Analysis, BEE-CALS]

Sarah Loftus

Sarah Loftus, EnvE'13, worked in the Angenent Bioenergy Lab for two years, in the area of synthesis gas fermentation.  Sarah is a Class of 2013 recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for exceptional academic achievement in the Environmental Engineering major.  She has had a 1st author paper accepted in the journal Environmental Technology, and an additional co-authorship paper in Biotechnology and Bioengineeering.  She has been on the Dean's List every semester.  She worked as a TA for BEE 2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society and as a fitness monitor in the Cornell Fitness Centers. She was president of the Society for Natural Resources Conservation. She is the Social Chair for the Cornell Running Club, and ran in the 2012 and 2013 Boston Marathons. Sarah received a prestigious NSF Fellowship for graduate school at Duke University. [EnvE, BEE-CALS]